RainMakerApp Closed For Now

More Info - September, 2012

We've had fun creating RainMaker, a social way to give to causes you care about. But unfortunately there wasn't quite the demand for this amazing technology that we hoped there would be.

Perhaps the world isn't ready for it yet?

Whatever the reason, we've made the difficult decision to put RainMaker on the shelf for now, and focus on other things.

The tech still works beautifully! If you are interested in allowing people to donate to your organization with a tweet (tweet to give vs. text to give), then please email us at contact@company52.com.

Grace, Peace & Rock-n-Roll!
The RainMaker App Team

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Promote causes you care about
while donating to them - with a tweet.

RainMaker is a Twitter-based social network fundraising tool, that lets you give to non-profits and charities at the speed of a tweet.

RainMaker allows anyone with Paypal and Twitter to Give. See how it works.